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I find that writing about myself is a rather strange thing to do, which is, of course, perfectly natural because I happen to be a rather strange person. I once made a single delicious cheese but didn't eat it.

See? I told you so. Strange.

When not making delicious cheeses and not eating them, I can generally be found in a coffee shop somewhere in Nashville, Tennessee managing the day-to-day operations of the Rabbit Room: a community of writers, musicians, and other creative folks who have all come together to join in an ongoing conversation about art, faith, and the telling of great stories.

Now that
Fiddler's Green is finished, I'm moving on. A new story awaits its telling, and a new world its revelation. I hope you'll join me there once the gates are open.

Should you wish to be further frightened, astounded, or confused,
feel free to ask and I shall do my best to accommodate.

Thank you,

A.S. "Pete" Peterson
Author and Purveyor(and Non-Eater) of Delicious Cheeses

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